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Purposefully Pursue - that’s what we are going to do with our embers!  Worship is what we were created for and part of that is to look outward, away from ourselves, and be a part of this beautiful gospel story that is still being written.  We are going to use this community to come alongside two ministries that serve, love, and restore the hearts of women in Charlotte through their incredible ministries.  This is where we link arms and begin igniting fires in our city with our embers!

 We are ALL daughters.  We are ALL His handiwork, stunningly restored. He creates beauty from ashes, hope from despair. How beautiful are the stories He writes and rewrites.

2020-2021 Purposefully Pursue ministries


A city where every child has a champion.


In the greater Charlotte area, CFK equips and empowers the community to be champions for children, families and social workers in the foster care system.


CFK has four simple pathways to help you become a champion for kids in foster care: Foster. Mentor. Serve. Give.

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Hope Vibes exists to bring awareness, hope and real solutions to the homeless epidemic in the Charlotte-Metrolina region by providing dignity through personal hygiene products, mobile laundry/shower vehicles & conversation. 

Did you know in 2019, there were an estimated 3,500 people experiencing homelessness in Charlotte, NC? The number has without doubt increased this year. With the cost of living constantly on the rise and unbelievable waiting lists for the limited number of low income housing areas in the city… the number of men, women and yes, even children living on the streets can no longer be ignored.

2018-2019 Purposefully Pursue ministries

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