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In 2017, one woman silenced her busyness and paused to listen to God.  After four years of dreaming He spoke clearly to her heart, telling her it was time to run! He stirred in her a desire to bring women of all ages, races, backgrounds and church affiliations together to worship and linger in the presence of Jesus.  After months of prayer, she shared this stirring with a friend over coffee. Together, they began to fan the flame and share it with others. Today, the ember God placed in her heart for Charlotte is a growing blaze in the hearts of women across this city who know it's time to link arms and run, to burn brightly, to love boldly, and to purposefully pursue the reigniting of hearts in this city for Jesus.


Ember began simply, quietly yet powerfully in the heart of one woman. Our prayer is that you'll join us, and that  the ember that burns in your heart will be stirred, strengthened, and reignited for Jesus and by His matchless love for you.


There is JOY here. Bring your ember...whether faint or bright. We're expecting you...


Ember is a gathering for the women of Charlotte to come together to encounter Jesus through intimate worship, impactful teaching and intentional prayer.


Ember's purpose is to breathe life into the heart of a woman, inviting her spirit to rest and be reignited by a stunning and fresh encounter with Jesus. Women throughout the city will gather here to worship, shoulder to shoulder, as daughters of the King.


Our desire is to take our seemingly small embers, burnt leaves and offerings, and send them airborne across our city. These embers will meet to ignite a powerful and beautiful blaze so that Charlotte will be known as a city of women who love and live for Jesus. Through an expectant and hope-filled relationship with Jesus, women will live purposefully and intentionally for the glory of God. Our prayer is to see a glorious revival begin in hearts and spread to families, churches, and communities in this city. Join us.

This is Ember.


Ember is a FREE gathering and will meet quarterly at different churches and/or venues throughout Charlotte on a set Thursday evening from 7:30-9pm. We will partner with churches throughout the city who will commit to support Ember through prayer and giving of facility use.


• We believe God created us, intimately loves us, and desires to have a personal relationship with us.

• We believe He has given women a desire to know Him, belong to Him and be loved by Him.

• We believe He longs for our worship, delights in our relationships, and is captivated by our prayers.

• We believe He is moving and stirring in the hearts of women in this city.

• We believe in the inerrancy of Scripture and in the Nicene Creed.

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